Privacy Policy 👀

You could argue that the age of privacy is over. Facebook can recognise your face, Google knows your voice and Apple stores your fingerprint. Yet, I believe you should be able to read my articles with only necessary information being collected about you. I therefore try to collate minimal information when you use my website. However, below is a breakdown of what information is collected and why . . .

Website Analytics

I like to know which articles you love and which you hate. So I use Google Analytics to track all visitors to my website. This piece of technology collates basic behavioural and demographic information through the use of a cookie and, by using this website, you consent to such information being collected. This information is collated and processed by Google, whose privacy policy can be viewed at

Website Comments

You can share your opinion on any article I post by commenting. To protect other users and notify you of any replies, you will need to provide a name and email address. This information will be collated and processed by WordPress, whose privacy policies can be viewed at

Email Subscription

You can be the first to know about new articles and gain access to exclusive content by subscribing to my email newsletter. You must manually sign up to these emails, at which point Mailchimp will collate and process your name and email address. You can read their privacy policy at and can unsubsribe from my email newsletter at any time.

External Websites

I may link to external websites for context within my articles. These websites will often have their own privacy policies, which I urge you to read. Whilst I take care not to link to unsecure websites or websites that collate information unethically, this is not always possible. I therefore take no responsibility for such websites, including but not limited to their security measures or data collation and processing practices.

If you have concerns about your privacy or would like your information to be removed, please email ashton[at]